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      Are you ready for the Bidonss world?

      Bidon Gıda Ambalaj, which was established in the year 2003, started its activity with the production of bulk food display equipment made of kraft, Plexiglas and wood, under the Bidonss trademark.

      Our firm, which acts as an instrument in actualizing firms’ designs, predominantly prefers recyclable, environmentally-friendly kraft and Plexiglas in its productions.

      As Bidonss and Pleksiss, we will be happy, along with my entire team, to do our best in order to become a good solution partner for you in line with your special demands and needs.

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      Our Products

      You can extend the shelf-life of your food by courtesy of display products. You just have to choose among the plexy products, which offer the best protection, the most suitable one to display your product!
      Thanks to the sunlight reflection feature of the display equipment, confections will not be directly exposed to the sun. You can protect your products from the effects of harmful rays.
      You may want to prefer plexy for your fresh nuts, since it is handy and its use is healthy. You may consume the products, which are protected against external effects, whenever you want.
      Keep your dried nuts fresh for a long period. Besides, the display products of your choice will be integrated to wherever they will be placed with of their decorative features.
      You may make the most suitable selection among different models. Prefer special designs for your types of spice, provide the same protection against external effects.
      Legume products have to be stored in air-free environment, in order to keep their freshness. Use display products specially manufactured for fresh and hygienic products.
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      Our Characteristics

      We gathered the most important characteristics of our Bidonss’ for you.


      All plexy products you prefer for extending the shelf life of your products, are also nature-friendly!

      ISO 2200:2005 Food Safety

      Protect the food products from external effects in order to keep them fresh. The way to ensure food safety is to use suitable products.


      Not only the production process is carried out without harming the environment, but also the products are recyclable.

      ISO 9001:2008 Quality management

      Prefer high-quality plexy, in order to ensure the maintenance of the products’ quality.