Our Story

Bidon Gıda Ambalaj, which was established in the year 2003, started its activity with the production of bulk food display equipment made of kraft, Plexiglas and wood, under the Bidonss® trademark.

In line with the investments it made and the experience it gained, it created the Pleksiss® trademark in the year 2010, and started to produce various display booths, which may be used by firms displaying activity in various industries, such as the cosmetics, drug, advertisement, banking/finance, food, and stationery at their sale promotion points to give further prominence to their products.

Our firm, which acts as an instrument in actualizing firms’ designs, predominantly prefers recyclable, environmentally-friendly kraft and Plexiglas in its productions.

In the year 2009, we made proper changes to our trainings and our facility, and we became entitled to obtain ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management and ISO 2200:2005 Food safety certificates. Also, we became entitled to obtain the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management certificate in line with the efforts we initiated in the year 2012.

As Bidonss® and Pleksiss®, we will be happy, along with my entire team, to do our best in order to become a good solution partner for you in line with your special demands and needs.

Our Prominent Characteristics

Bidon Gıda Ambalaj has been displaying activity under the Bidonss trademark since 17 years. We compiled the prominent characteristics of our bulk food display equipment made of kraft, Plexiglas and wood.


All plexy products you prefer for extending the shelf life of your products, are also nature-friendly!


Not only the production process is carried out without harming the environment, but also the products are recyclable.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality management

Prefer high-quality plexy, in order to ensure the maintenance of the products’ quality.

ISO 2200:2005 Food Safety

Protect the food products from external effects in order to keep them fresh. The way to ensure food safety is to use suitable products.

Long-Term Conservation

You may conserve your products for a long period, without any deterioration in their taste.

Plexi Material

We manufacture our products through a material called plexy. Thanks to this type of material, we obtain more durable, nature-friendly, recyclable products.


We carry out our production at our indoor area of 2500 square meters, through state of the art machine park, using raw materials, which are not harmful to human health. In line with comments we receive, we keep on working devotedly, by constantly enhancing ourselves, in order to improve our product quality and speed.